On Psalm 42:3



My tears have been my food day and night,

While all day long they say to me, “Where now is your God?”

Where is your God?  People ask us this question in a doubting or mocking way.  Death and sin, want and war, as well as bravery, power, and honor- that is what people see.  But where is your God?  We need not be ashamed of the tears we shed because we do not yet see God, because we cannot demonstrate God’s presence to our sisters and brothers.  Those are tears that flow for God’s sake and that he records in his book (Ps. 56:8).  Where is your God?  What can we answer?  We can only point to the person who in life, death, and resurrection proved himself to be God’s true son.  In his death our life, in sin our forgiveness, in distress our helper, in war our peace.  “You shall point to this person and say: that is God.”  (Martin Luther)

Lord Jesus, when I am tempted, because I cannot see God and his power and love inthis world, let me firmly look upon you, for you are my Lord and my God.  Amen.



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