Ladies: This Valentine’s Day Write a Letter He Will Never Forget

Our culture is all about the language of love.  We have holidays to celebrate it.  Take Valentine’s Day coming up in a few weeks.  Cards, candies, and balloons are filled with the phrases of amorous affection.  None better at this game though than those little heart shaped sweet tarts with classics such as “Be mine,” “True Love,” “Pick me,” and “Soul mate.”  We here love ballads that confess the magic words of love.  In the movies we hear famous lines, “You complete me.”  We are drowning the language of love.

Not so much with respect.  I mean there are plenty of songs demanding respect, and plenty saying you better respect me cause I’m tougher, cooler, richer, and better looking than you.  That isn’t real respect.  All that is just a fantasy.

I’m talking about showing real respect.

What do I mean?  Well, here are five ways a wife can show real respect to her husband.  As you read the phrases consider how odd they sound.  We are so out of touch with showing respect.

  1. “Thanks for working so hard.”
  2. “I was thinking the other day that you would die for me.  That is an overwhelming thought to me.  I still admire you.”
  3. “Honey, what do you think about this?  I have some intuition about this, but I need your insight.”
  4. “Let’s just do nothing together.  Like watch TV.” Doing something together, shoulder to shoulder, with stress on the word “do”, even if it’s not communicating love, shows respect.
  5. “Honey, l desire you.”  Instead of “I love you.”  This one of the specials ways a wife can show respect that other men cannot.

Ladies, if you say these kind of things to your man on Valentine’s Day you will make it very special for him.  I wish was much about Godly respect between men and women as much as it is about love.  We have the heart as s symbol of love.  I wonder what we could use for respect?  How about a simple bow of the head?  I don’t like that one. Maybe you can think of something.

Ladies, I challenge you to write a letter your man will never forget.  Don’t write him a letter of love, but a letter of respect.  Write a letter about how you respect his desire to achieve, protect, and provide for his family.  Thank him for his desire to be a strong leader (even though he isn’t.)  Express your faith in him.  Let him know ways that you admire him.  Tell him you are thankful for his strength and you enjoy being able to lean on him in hard times.  Recognize his problem solving approach as his male brand of empathy.  Write how you value his protection against your fears of being attacked.  Tell him how will respond to him intimately.   Focus on his desire more then his behavior.

If you write a Valentine’s Day Card of respect to your man you will touch him so much more deeply than a card tht says “I love you.”  Try iot and see what happens.


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