How to Make a Leap of Faith

It’s good to make steady incremental growth in your faith.  Step by step you grow in your knowledge of Jesus.  What’s great about it is you can look back on your life and see how far you have come over time.  We all should grow in Christ a little bit each day.

Sometimes, though, you need more than a steady faith.  You need to make a leap of faith.  It happens when you lose your job, you get that Dear John letter, or your informed of cancer.  You also need a leap of faith when God give you a vision bigger then you can handle.  For example, when the angel told Mary she was going to have God’s Son that took a leap of faith!

How can you take a leap of faith?  Here are three suggestions:

1. Stop Seeking Solutions and Start Seeking God.     Stop making problem solving your end goal.  Start making Jesus your end goal.  He’ll take care of the problems if you follow Him.  Achieving this means developing an incredibly strong vision of Jesus in your life.  Push the boundaries of your understanding of him.  To do this you will need a clear understanding of the Bible and a disciplined prayer life.  Doing these disciplines is not about achieving some criteria for faith, but actually laying out what God wants in your life.


2. Start at Number 11. Hebrews 11 that is.  Hebrews 11 is the great chapter of faith.  In this chapter the Hebrew writer lists Bible hero after Bible hero and their great acts of faith.  Read this chapter to get you pumped up about the great acts of faith God has called you to do.  God can do amazing things.  You can trust him when you leap that there is a safe landing on the other side.

3. Extreme Usability is the Goal.  A faith that works is the best kind of faith.  Work on ways to make your faith more convenient.  Put the Bible on your smart phone, listen to a Bible CD, praise God with a worship CD, and get some encouragement from other Christians.  You need God right with you as you take that leap of faith.

A couple years ago I mentioned five practices we can use to increase our faith.  Do you remember them?  They are: Practical teaching, providential relationships, private disciplines, personal ministry, and pivotal circumstances. These practices can be the springboard for taking that leap!

When you look far enough and hard enough with your faith you will see God right there at the beginning, the middle, and the end.  You will be able to take the leap of faith.


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