My Drumstick Caught Wind of the Holy Spirit Today!!

Well, did you see it?  I know most of you did!  I saw your smiles!  For some reason one of my drumsticks was filled with the Holy Spirit during worship and leaped for joy 10 feet in the air!  That’s my guess anyway.  I had no idea where it went when it left!  It could have been in heaven for all I knew!  I just prayed that it didn’t drop on Butch.

I have absolutely loved the response to worship the last couple of weeks.  It has been great.  Remember, our worship is for God.  I think it’s great.

I pray that my sermon wasn’t too boring today!  I feel like a college professor giving a lecture with the kind of material that I was giving today (although I heard good comments after the message, which is always good to hear).

As I prepared for this series I earnestly worried about one issue.  Do you have the motivation to grow into maturity in Christ?  Do you truly desire this goal enough to work hard to attain it?  I cannot answer that for you.  Only you can.  I do know this.  God desires for you to grow.  A big part of his will for your life is to become like Jesus.

A smaller question I had going into this series is, “Will you buy into this process of growth- growing from an infant to a parent?”

This question becomes very personal for me.  I understand that before people buy into a vision or a process they have to buy-in to the person leading it first.  People don’t follow worthy causes.  They follow worthy leaders who promote worthwhile causes.  I understand that the message that I gave today is filtered through me- the one who gave it.  It’s hard to separate the person speaking and the cause he or she promotes.  So part of my prayers going into this message today was for me.  I prayed that I had the character that has proved itself true.  I prayed that I had the charisma for you to hear what was being said.  I prayed that I spoke with credibility.  I prayed that the timing of the series was right.  Finally, I prayed that God would speak through me.

Whatever process you choose to grow in Christ, my prayer is that you simple grow.


One thought on “My Drumstick Caught Wind of the Holy Spirit Today!!

  1. I was one of the ones smiling and laughing, but you never missed a beat! Truly that stick had the spirit!

    I must say the sermon was interestng, and I know it can be helpful to know where you are in your spiritual life and to have a spirtual goal to reach.

    Thanks for the tools to reach that goal!

    Happy Monday!

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