Sunday Thoughts

Worship was great today!  Jason and I were talking afterwards and we both talked about our prayers for you and “how” you worship.  You may not realize it but how you worship is significant.  How you worship encourages the band, uplifts those around you, and most especially, and it places a smile on God’s face.  I’m not talking about spiritual stuff either.  I’m talking about really practical “normal” kind of stuff.  Stuff like:

  • Raising hands
  • Singing out
  • Being engaged
  • Focusing on God
  • Shouting praises
  • Clapping of hands

This was the kind of stuff Jason and I were talking about.  Of course, these actions are not to be done just for the sake of doing them.  They need to be done in spirit and in truth. 


Today I started something new before I speak.  I always prayed before I got up top preach, but today I decided to do a new practice.  I began the discipline of speaking the word of God to myself.    I heard a preacher this week talk about having faith and he said to have faith you need to know the word of God, speak the word of God, then act on the word of God.  Knowing the word of God was not new to me.  I’ve been studying it for 25 years now.  Acting on the word of God wasn’t anything fresh either.  I’ve been taught this part of faith since I was a young boy.  What’s new to me is speaking God’s word over me. 

The discipline is very easy. You simply, in a prayerful manner, speak scripture over yourself.  Today I selected Ephesian 6:10-20, which is the scripture concerning the armor of God.  So today, during the shake-n-howdy portion of the service, I stepped back and spoke out loud this scripture over me.  I found it to be an incredible experience.  This scripture specifically discusses spiritual warfare.  It reminded me that I am fighting a spiritual battle.  It gave the promise that if I speak with truth and faith that I will outwit the devil’s schemes.  When I came out of the prayer I felt centered on God’s will and ready to boldly proclaim His truth.  

I like this practice better then saying a little prayer.  I plan on continuing this discipline until God tells me to do something else!


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