You Are Not a Member of the Church. You Are a Mission Partner.

I recently read a blog that suggested the idea that instead of having a church membership we should have mission partners.  I like the idea. 

Membership rings nicely because the Bible says we are “members” of one body.  I understand what Paul is saying, but member has lost a lot of its Biblical meaning in our culture.  Membership today means you belong to something, or pay dues to an organization, that gives you a service.  For example, if you are a member of the Y then you have access to their services, the pool, workout rooms, etc..   The church doesn’t operate that way with her members.  Church is a place where you serve each other.  You come to serve.

I like the idea of mission partner because I think it makes it more clear and concrete the mission Jesus had given us.  The blog gives five reasons a church should make the switch. 

#1:  Membership is culturally hijacked terminology by its use from country clubs to platinum cards. Partnership is a term that carries less baggage and brings new metaphors biblically.

#2: Membership may emphasize privilege to the neglect of responsibility. Partnership emphasizes both.

#3: Membership could bring deeply rooted assumptions about church in general that are no longer valid for your church. Partnership creates an opportunity to reset expectations.

#4: Membership is a static. Partnership brings a sense of both action and direction.

#5: Membership is a relatively small portal for vision-casting. Partnership opens a dynamic metaphor range for future-orientation, impact, togetherness, adventure and risk-taking.  It captures the “sentness” of a missional reorientation.

(from: Clarity Evangelist Blog)

What do you think?


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