Another Thought on Respecting Women, our Life Group Finale’, and Banging on the Drums

Today I talked about respecting women.  I talked about as Christian men we do not need to be listening to music that demeans women or watching erotic imagery that treats women pleasure centers and not people. 

I thought of another category in entertainment: Video Games. 

If you are playing a video game that degrades and does not treat them with respect. Get rid of it.  Don’t play it.  Games like Grand Theft Auto and others like them do not respect women.  Please, don’t give me that it’s just a game excuse.  You should not even be entertained by a game that degrades women.  It is simply wrong, and it’s not what God has called us to focus our minds on.  It is not pure or lovely to demean women.  It’s offensive to women.  You can do better than that. 

On a lighter note my Life Group wrapped our Spring Semester by eating out at Amici’s.  I really like our Life Group (and I really like Amici’s).  They are a lot of fun.  I also learned a lot from them as well.  I am looking forward to the Fall Semester too.  It promises to be a lot of fun. 

Lastly, how ‘bout those acoustic drums!  They are different are they not?  In the first song my crash cymbal stand actually broke, sending my crash symbol “crashing” into my lap!  I had to improvise really fast!  I know it is loud but have no fear, the electronic drums will be back soon! 

By the way, Jason and the team are doing a great job.  I really appreciate the time, energy, and prayer that he puts into the service. He’ll be gone for the next few weeks due to work.  Pray for him and his family while he is away.


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