Team B and Other Notes at Church Today

I don’t know if you realized it today but the “B” team (B stands for Best, =)) of the praise team was doing the music today. You saw the “A” team (which stands for Awesome!) in the month of April. We’re looking at doing this format for a while. Once again, I like to bang on those drums but I also enjoy praising God too. Good job “B” team.

I had someone say to me that they had been asked why we sing in worship. If you think about it is weird. A bunch of people coming together staring at a screen and some people singing songs to a God you cannot see. I get it. It’s not really normal to do that. But God often calls on us to do foolish things in man’s eyes but they are wise in his. We sing for a multitude of reasons. Here are a couple reasons why:

  1. God commands us to sing praises to him.
  2. The spirit prompts us to praise him.
  3. The early church would gather and sing psalms and spiritual hymns to God.
  4. Our corporate praise is a corporate testimony to the world of how God works in our life.

I also was asked today why we have offering in Powerhouse. That is a good question. First, let me say that our church’s philosophy on children’s spiritual growth is the parents are the primary influencers and the church’s ministry is done in support of that. Deuteronomy 6 teaches plainly on this. With that said our intent in doing the offering with children is the same as it is with adults. Here are a few reasons why we have a weekly offering in children’s church.

  1. To teach children the principle that not everything we receive is ours to consume. Luke 12:13-21
  2. To teach children that God is honored when we bring our resources to him. Leviticus 27:30-33
  3. To teach children that God doesn’t need your money, but he wants your heart. Money is the biggest competitor God has for your heart. Matthew 6:24
  4. To teach children that Biblically, giving or tithing to God is not an add-on to faith practice, but an essential part of it. This practice is just as important as Bible reading, prayer, and living a godly life.  Malachi 3:6-18
  5. To teach children that everything in creation belongs to God, including our stuff. We are just mere stewards of his stuff.  1 Chronicles 29:10-13

Our goal in having an offering in Powerhouse is not to take money from kids, but to teach them a Godly faith that will build into their adult Christian life. By the way, these teachings are true for parents as well as children! Again, parents are the central influencers of spiritual development, and the church’s instruction is a central support to them.

With all that said teaching what the Bible says on money is always a sensitive issue no matter the age… and why is that?

As a final note I would like to say how “proud” I am to be serving at Celebration! I have a whole list of reasons but since we have been talking about money your giving this year has been absolutely marvelous! For the first since I have been serving here we are actually giving above the budget. All the praises go to our great and wonderful God from whom ALL blessings flow. Together, we are going to change Suffolk, the Tidewater, and then the world!



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