Church Birthday and Gutsy Decisions

Sunday was a great day at Celebration!  We really had a great time!  I want to tahnk Kim Cease for her work in bringing it all together.  Everything looked great!  Brad Seevers, the founding minister of Celebration, sent me a really nice e-mail congratulating us on our adventure.  He said that he is wishing us the best and pray the next nine years will be even more awesome. 

 In light of that let me give you some of what’s going on behind the scenes concerning our future.

 First, the elders have set a goal of reaching 400 people in attendance by September 30, 2013 (2.5 years).  This means our church will need to grow by 275 people in that time.  If this is going to happen (and it can) then we are going to have to make some big changes.  For one, there is no way that the YMCA can handle this many people.  This means, for one, we will have to relocate to a new location.  Other considerations need to be addressed as well, and this leads to the second thought.

Secondly, the Elders are forming the Auxano Project.  “Auxano” is the word the Gospel writer Luke uses to describe the explosive growth of the early church.  This project is a 2-4 month strategic planning in initiative to examine the practical aspects in positioning ourselves to grow to this number.  The project will include the elders as members and 4 members from the congregation as well.  And this leads to my third thought…

Thirdly, for our congregation to move forward aggressively and successfully and reach this goal it means that some real gutsy decisions have to be made.  Consequently, not everyone will be happy with the decisions that will be made.  Anytime you make a clear, stark, bold move, some people will have a hard time being able to do it. 

The decisions that will be made will be decided upon this criterion:  If we have to make a choice between keeping people or reaching people, we will fall on the side of reaching people.  Of course we want to keep people in our fold.  No one likes to see someone leave our church.  However, God has called us to reach out to those who do not like church.  This is our calling from God.

Then fourthly, I ask you to pray concerning these issues.  Some big changes will be coming to our family over the next 2.5 years.  Pray that we will have wisdom, heart, and the smarts to do what God has called us to do.


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