A High View of Church

Church was GREAT yesterday!  This is why, Sherri Sykes came up to  me after church and said she was ready to be baptized into Jesus Christ!  So we are baptizing her this Sunday along with Kara Scott and Sydney Hoffman!  It’s going to be a great Lord’s Day this coming week!

Also, this was a great week for God to minister to us as well.  I hope the time of repentance was a time for the God’s kingdom to come near in your life. My prayer is that God’s spirit really and truly broke through your heart this past Sunday.

Listen to this scripture, “Don’t you know that you yourselves are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit lives in you?”  1 Corinthians 3:16 (NIV 1984)

When many people read this scripture they misinterpret to mean there own personal body.  For example, they say you shouldn’t smoke because it hurts your body and that’s God’s temple, so therefore smoking is wrong.  If that’s true  then make sure you pull away from the buffet too!  I’m just sayin’…

Paul is not talking about your physical body  in this passage.  He is talking about Jesus’ body on earth, the church.  Paul is telling us that when we gather together in worship and praise of him the Spirit of God dwells in the midst of our group.  It is a very high and communal view of church.  This is why Paul says we shouldn’t get out of the habit of meeting together.

I think the modern church today has lost the sense of what Paul is talking about here.  We fail to see the necessity and the commitment required to be part of a church.  Too often we seek out a church that meets our needs, if the preacher is funny, or if the youth group is cool.

Paul had no sense of church being there to please him or even him there to please others.  He saw it as something entirely different.  He saw it as a place to meet God.  He saw it as the temple.  He saw it as a community of believers that lived as One.  He saw it as a place where the outsiders could discover the grace and compassion of Christ being lived out within his Jesus’ body, the church.

My prayer is that as you grow in your faith that you see church as more than just a place to go, but rather a place to be… a place to be the body of Christ on earth.


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