Ke$ha has a popular song called We R Who We R and normally her fluffy pop doesn’t garner much attention from me.  But there is a line in this particular song that just absolutely offends me.

In the intro to the song she’s describing how she is going to go out on he town and “club it up” and as she talks about putting her hot pants on she also says she has her Jesus necklace on.  Really?

That line absolutely offends me.  In my generation it wasn’t Ke$ha who treated the cross so trivially but Madonna who famously said she wore a necklace depicting the crucifixion because she found it “sexy.”  Really?

I’m offended because my Lord and Savior should never be treated so trivially.

But to be honest, I am offended by the cross too.

It is a horror.  If any of us actually saw the misery and the torturous pain the cross inflicts on a human we would not celebrate it.  We would abhor it.

In fact, the church did not put depictions of the cross in their own buildings until centuries after it fell out of use.  Not until the macabre memories of the punishment had been far removed did people begin to see it as something artful or to put on a stain glassed window.  No one who actually saw the horror of the cross thought of it as something pretty.

The cross is a horror and to to wear it as a party favor or because it’s sexy is simply wrong.  How trivial we treat our Savior!

On the other hand I celebrate the cross every Sunday at communion.  It’s on the cross where Jesus took on my sin and died on my behalf.  It’s on the cross where I find victory. 

Plus, the cross is something I am called to carry.  It is not something just to be thought of as a decoration.


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