Getting Honest, Part 5: From “EGR” to “EHC”

EGR = Extra Grace Required

EHC = Emotionally Healthy Christian

EHP = Emotionally Healthy Person

As I have posted earlier, this past fall I was an EGR Christian.  I needed some extra grace from God.  I received that grace through His word, His people (close people at church), and the Holy Spirit.  God is a wonderful God!

In my burnout I was hurt emotionally.  I shut down.  It was tough to go through.  One of the results of my healing process (and I am still in that process) is getting grips on what it means to be an emotionally healthy Christian.  I emphasize Christian because I believe an “EHC” is different from a “EHP.”  An EHP is someone who relies on the definition of our culture in what makes a person strong. An EHC relies on what God says makes a person strong.  While there are similarities I believe there are key differences.  Here are some differences I have found:

An EHC and a EHP both recognize the need too look beneath the surface of their emotions.  They both realize the part the past and families have played in their lives.  The difference here is God calls on us to forgive the hurts in our past, while the EHP is limited to just learning from the past.

An EHC learns to live in brokenness and vulnerability as a strength.  An EHP sees strength in personal power.

An EHC knows their limits and this prevents them from a life of coveting.  A EHP is always pushing the limits and therefore is never satisfied.

An EHC embraces grief and loss and allows God to develop that into maturity.  An EHP merely endures grief and loss leading them to anger and depression (and sometimes bitterness).

An EHC uses Jesus as a model on how to live and love well.  An EHP embraces whatever the latest study shows on how to live, and therefore is tossed about like a rudderless ship on a stormy sea.

All of us go through times in our life when we are an EGR.  The goal is when go through a time like that to come out an EHC.  I’m thankful God is leading me.

Note: In my contrasts I am not talking in absolutes, but just in generalities, so don’t get to picky on the differences. =)


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