A Tribute to a Good Preacher

Today Ronnie Sams went on to be with the Lord after a long battle with cancer.  Ronnie was my grandmother’s preacher when I was a child growing up in Indiana and his family has been a friend of my family for a long time.  My grandmother was Ronnie’s secretary at the church (Center Christian Church, Mays, IN) for I believe over a decade, and he was always good to me when I visited.  I went to college with his son Marcelle, and Lisa is great friends with his sister, Patti.  His brother, Phip, was my minister at my home church as a child.  In fact, Phip rushed me to the hospital as a five year old after I busted my head on a pole in the church building.  I had to get six stiches in my head.

Anyway, I digress, I didn’t know Ronnie too well except to say as a little boy I was fascinated by his office at the church.  It was filled with books!  And I love books!  From him I just immediately got this understanding that preachers study the word of God and then explain the word of God to the church.  This is the primary job of a preacher.  In an indirect fashion Ronnie influenced my philosophy of ministry just by having fascinating books on the shelf.  My grandma wouldn’t let me flip through the pages though.  All I could do was read the titles.

So thanks Ronnie for  influencing my preaching philosophy.  Thanks for preaching the word of God.  And thanks for having a great family.  And as your brother used to sing with my Mom accompanying on the piano, I know you are saying, “I’ll rise again!”  I’ll see you at the resurrection!


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