4 out of 10 say Marriage is Becoming Obsolete- But Does That Mean We’re Happier?

That is the finding of a study by the PEW research center along with TIME magazine.  Thirty nine percent of the respondents stated they believed the institution is becoming outmoded.  Compare this with the twenty eight percent who responded in this fashion back in 1978.

What the survey doesn’t state are the findings in other surveys showing people who are married are happier than people who cohabitate.  This finding goes against conventional wisdom that married people are miserable and people who are independent are happier.

Why are people happier when they are married?  It is one word, commitment.

People are happier when they are committed to each other in a covenant relationship.  It’s the formality of saying I am committed to you and your happiness.  Having someone committed to you in this fashion makes one happier. 

Plus, on the flip side, having someone to be committed to and to enrich makes us happier as well. After all, the Bible says it is better to give than to receive.

On a tangent surveys have also found that attending church makes us happier.  Besides getting connected to God there is something good about belonging to a community of people that care for each other.  It’s the whole I’ll bring you some soup when you are sick deal.  Back in the day neighborhoods met this need, but with our front porches turned into backyard decks we really don’t know our neighbors anymore.  Church is a social space where people can truly help each other.  Belonging to a community like this breeds happiness into our life.


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