The Requirements of the Restoration Church, Part 2


In my last post I contrasted with what I was taught what a Christian Church believed and did growing up versus to what I am seeing in the church today.  I have to admit, I don’t agree with everything I was taught in my home church.  Plus, many of the issues I brought up to believe are not essential issues- such as predestination vs. the belief one can lose their salvation.

I closed the post by wondering if I should even care about such issues and their status in the Christian Church.  I asked that question because I was taught more than anything else that the Bible is THE guidebook in how a church should be ran and also what a church should believe.  It is our source for doctrinal issues and not some denomination, professor, or school of thought.  it doesn’t really matter what I believe or the church believes.  What does the Bible teach?

A famous cliché in the Christian Church is we speak where the Bible speaks and are silent where the Bible is silent.  What I find interesting is the Bible is silent on many of the issues I mentioned and God leaves a mystery to it.  For example, Armeneniasm vs. Calvinsim.  Does God limit his control over man so he can make a free choice or is everyone predestined before space and time whether or not they are in the family of God?  You can make clear Biblical arguments on both sides.  The Bible is silent on the definitive answer to this question.  Can the Christian church simply say this is a point of mystery or do we have to take sides?

Is our rational churches comfortable with leaving God mysterious?

Finally, I am not posting my final positions on any of these issues concerning this topic.  I am merely thinking out loud, which is a dangerous thing!


One thought on “The Requirements of the Restoration Church, Part 2

  1. I am completely convinced that what God leaves mysterious, we also should be willing to leave mysterious. How can we say that we trust God if we don’t? That is what faith is all about. We should always seek answers, but when they don’t come, we still trust. I realized something amazing about Job the other day that illustrates this. God never gave him the answer! He never said, “Look dude, Satan said you would turn away from Me and I used your suffering to bring me glory.” Even after all Job suffered, God didn’t reveal the answer, instead He revealed Himself. Somehow I think that’s the answer more often than not…I don’t need to know why I’m going through something as much as I need to know Jesus.

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