Reflections on OES Community Day

By all accounts the Community Day at Oakland Elementary School was a big success.  It was a beautiful way for the church and the school to work together.  We had volunteers from our church working side by side with volunteers from the school staff.  I think that was the coolest part of the evening for me.

It was great for our church to get out of it’s “walls” and minister in the community.  I am proud of all the volunteers that volunteered.  You all did a great job!  Thanks to Penny for organizing all the games and thanks to Wayne and Clyde for putting all that food together.  We fed close to 300 people!

The staff at the school was very appreciative of our efforts too.  Here are some of the comments:

“Thank you to (Celebration) Church.  You all did a great job and it was a lot of fun.”

“Thank you to Lisa, Kirk, and the entire church family for all you did for Oakland.  I saw many of our families having a blast!”

“You guys are awesome.. what a great bunch of folks!”

“It was great!”

One more benefit from the evening that Mr. Philips (the principal) and I noted was it was great to see families together, having a great time, and interacting with each other.  Prayerfully, I ask God to use last evening to strengthen those relationships.


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