Rejoicing at a Funeral

I attended Ann Branch’s funeral today.  She was the mother of Trish Gross and friend to countless people. 

The funeral was held at Baptist church in Wakefield that was built in the early 20th century.  The building was built of white clapboard wood siding church architecture of its day with huge stain glassed windows.  The minister noted the windows were imported from England.  Inside was wood benches, a choir loft, organ and piano.  On the piano was a wonderful lady playing the hymns of old… When We All Get to Heaven, Victory in Jesus, and many others.  It was sweet to listen to those songs from my years growing up in my own church.  It was kind of neat to hold the hymnbook and sing through all the verses.  One of the treats I enjoy about singing hymns is the incredible doctrine that they teach you as you rejoice.

During the message Butch and Trish spoke.  They spoke of the incredible woman that has now graduated to heaven, and they spoke of the hope they had to see her again.

The service reminded me of this truth: As much as I want this earth to be heaven, it isn’t.  Every time I place my hope in the things of this earth, they will always fail me (and that includes this dear old body of mine.)  When I place my faith in God and in heaven, I am always satisfied.


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