Wood Splitting is Good Therapy

 Today I went to help out Camp Rudolf to help split and cut wood for the campfire in the upcoming camp season.  It was a lot of fun and very tiring as well.  It was also great therapy.

Sometimes as a minister you get put under a lot of stress and you don’t really have a natural outlet physically to help get rid of it.  Yes, you take your stress to the Lord and he does his thing, and I praise Him for that.  But your body also suffers from the stress and without some good old fashioned work, like splitting wood with a chisel and sledgehammer, your physical body never really gets looses symptoms. 

So today was about helping out at camp, but it was also allowing my body to get rid of the stress.  Plus, it’s just great to get out in nature with a few other guys and just have good time.

So thanks God, for a good day of refreshment.  I needed it!


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