What if Christians sought to change the world, and not critique the world?

Andy Crouch is a professor who thinks about how we can create culture in this world as Christians.  Mr. Crouch notes five big ideas about the creative arts from this perspective:

  1. He noted in a recent lecture that most Christians see creative arts not throught the lens of creativity, but through critiqing the sin in it.  He notes we view it all through the fall of Adam and Eve.  In his lecture he gives the challenge to to look at the creative arts through thelens of Genesis 1-2 and Revelation 20-22, before sin came into the world and after sin has been removed from the world.  after, Adam and Eve invented the fashion industry, right?  What if Christians sought to create more than critique?With his view of culture a track towards ultimate goodness emerges.
  2. The patterns / forms of our culture matters.  Form creates expectations and sometimes matters just as much as the words of the preacher.
  3. Fallen people misuse the creativity God has blessed them with and this results in idolatry of the self.
  4. What would it take to restore the image of God in our culture- not to controlothers, but to enable?”
  5. Suffering and indeed failure are normative in creating good culture.  The example we have is the cross.

How could you change the world you live in, instead of critquing it?


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