10 Questions I Have About Heaven

  1. Will there be competition in heaven?  I love sports, especially basketball and golf, and I gain a lot of joy from them.  I hope there is some form of competition in heaven.  On that note, what about ancient sports like jousting?  That would be cool.
  2. How will the economy work? 
  3. How will work be refreshing and not draining (Like Adam in the Garden of Eden)?
  4. What will education be like?  Will there be a Heaven U where I can get degrees?  I love to learn.
  5. Will there be hunting or fishing in heaven?  I seem to think there would not be (The lion laying down with the lamb deal), but I still wander.  It would be cool to experience crab fishing in Alaska, but you couldn’t call it the Deadliest Catch anymore.
  6. Scripture says at the resurrection our bodies will be transformed; transformed into what?  Will they be bodies of light like they show the advanced beings in Star Trek?  I certainly hope we don’t look like Chewbacca, Yoda, or Jabba the Hutt!
  7. What fashions will be popular?  Will different fads and styles still be the way with the creative force of our minds unleashed with the banishment of sin?
  8. What genre of music will be in heaven?  Choir, gospel, country, classical, chanting, hymns, rap, heavy metal, are just a few in history.  What new forms of music will we encounter?
  9. Will I note the passage of time in eternity?  Will I need a watch so I can be on time to worship?
  10. In Star Trek they have “holo-decks” where you can play out a story inside a room.  I wonder if I can see how God created the earth, or the flood, or Jesus resurrecting from the dead, all lived out right before me.  That would be an incredible experience!

Bonus: Can I visit the other planets, galaxies, and solar systems?  I would really dig that!

What are your questions about heaven?


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