Six Dangers Every Christian Faces



D- Demons.  Demons are real and they do not want you to be successful.  This is why scripture over and over encourages you to stand strong in your faith!

A- Anger that is misplaced.  Jesus became angry at the unrighteousness and injustice in this world.  That is well placed anger.  Misplaced anger is when we let our emotions control our actions and allowing anger over the petty things that don’t really matter.  We do a lot of damage to the ones we love with misplaced anger.

N- Neglect. Too many Chritians neglect reading the Bible, church attendance, praying, or participating in a Life Group (a spiritual community).  These are all the basic disciplines of our faith and the Christian neglects them to his or her disgrace.

G-  Glory in oneself- or pride.  Humbleness is the beginning of truly knowing God. Plus, God says he comes against those who are prideful.  A mighty dangerous place to be indeed.

E- Exhaustion– We live in a busy world with always something to do.  Often we feel exhausted and we don’t have the time to make for God and the discipline it takes to be a serious Christian.  This is why God created the Sabbath.  He wanted to create a space in your time reserved just for him.

R- Retro-fitted memory.  Sometimes we get all caught up in how the church or our Christianity was great long ago and dwell there instead of dealing with the problems God has called the church to solve today.


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