A Thought About My Wife’s Birthday

Today is Lisa’s “_______” birthday and we celebrated it with style at Amici’s!  Good pizza there.  I’ve been celebrating Lisa’s birthday for over 2 decades now and I’ve enjoyed every year (although I won’t mention the horrible presents I’ve given in the past).  So in honor of Lisa’s birthday here are my top ten observations about Lisa:

  1. She has a great giggle that turns into a laugh.
  2. She really knows how to get the flavor out of every bite of birthday cake!
  3. She loves God more than I do.
  4. She loves my meatloaf.
  5. I love the way she nurtures our children.
  6. I think we come pretty close to the mutuality of Adam and Eve.
  7. She holds her ground.
  8. She is a great beacon of Christ at the school where she works.
  9. She is more beautiful now than then!
  10. I really have learned to enjoy the differences between me and her.  That has taught me a lot.

“Oh, how beautiful you are!
      How pleasing, my love, how full of delights!”  Song of Solomon 7:6

Happy Birthday Lisa D.



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