Craving Confusion

In today’s message I talked about what we crave and how we live in a culture that is always trying to get us to crave more.  This trait has created a phenomenon called “craving confusion.”  Craving confusion is when your body physically craves what will hurt it.

We all have natural cravings or longings.  Some of these natural longings are safety, companionship, respect, significance, and respect.  On the flip side we can crave what will hurt us.  For example, it has been documented that excessive amounts of alcohol will do damage to the liver.  The liver though, will actually start to crave what is hurting it, though.  What happens is the liver will get used to a certain level of alcohol in its system and when that level falls below the new normal the body will actually crave for what harms it.

This is also true with overeating.  You get used to eating at certain times of day and eating certin kinds of foods in certain amounts.  A lot of those foods can be harmful to you over a long period of time, bacon, sweets, junk food, and the like.  If you go without it you will actually begin to physically crave it.  The same is true with nicotine and caffiene.

We can see the same concept spiritually as well.  We know that consuming immorality, poor character, and violating ethics will actually hurt us, but many times we will do it anyway.  As we grow in our faith and the level of sin decreases we will actually desire what will bring harm to our faith.  We let the anger take over because it feels good.  We’ll jump on to pleasure because it feels so right.  We violate a few laws here and there because it gives us sense of freedom.

We will crave what hurts our soul instead of what can build us up.  Our soul get craving confusion.  This is why the Bible is so important.  Through its stories and proverbs it points out how the many cravings will hurt us. 

It also points out how to truly satisfy the longings of your heart.  As the Psalmist wrote, “Your word is a lamp unto my feet and a light for my path.”  Psalm 119:1005 (NIV)


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