What We Expect From Worship

Worship is a unique experience the church offers to this culture.  In Christian worship we praise, glorify, and meditate upon this incredibly personal God who is bigger, smarter, wiser, stronger than anything we can think or imagine.  When worship clicks it can spark the soul, sooth the spirit, and quicken the heart.  Here at Celebration we have four expectations concerning our worship.

  1. A Sense of God’s Presence.  Worship is for God and not for us!  We are here to worship Him and not ourselves.  God inhabits the praises of His people.    We are the performers and He is the audience.  If we want God to show up then we need to show up and worship Him in spirit and in truth.
  2. A Conviction of our Sinfulness.  God is a holy God, and we are not.  When he shows up the correct response is that of the example Isaiah gave, who fell to the ground and cried of how unholy he was in the presence of God.  
  3. A Joyful Reminder of God’s Grace.   God doesn’t leave us in our sin!  He sent his Son to die for our sin and offer us forgiveness.  This is the Gospel of Christ, and this should be preached and sung enthusiastically.
  4. The Inspiration to Serve.  The Bible says we are a holy preisthood.  What do priests do?  They serve God.  They see to it that God’s work on earth gets accomplished.  After a worship service you should be inspired to serve God in this regard.

This is what we expect out of a worship service.  It takes all of us to working together to make it happen.


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