Musings About Church Today

What another great day today!  We sang some old songs with a great contemporary gusto!  It was a lot of fun to sing those songs!

I wanted to give you another thought about my message today.  I didn’t have time to put it in the talk.  Consider this like the deleted scened from a movie that you can see on a special edition DVD.

I talked about how Elijah had all of the Baal prophets were executed in 1 Kings 18.  They were executed because they were an evil influence on the Hebrew people.  One thought that came to mind as I meditated about this is what do I need to execute on my life so that God can shine brighter in my heart?  What false beliefs?  What prideful inclinations?  What lustful daliations?  What personal comforts? do I need to execute?

My prayer: O God, examine my life and open my eyes to what is unholy to you so that I may rid them from my life.


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