F.A.Q.’s About the Campaign

This campaign is a big deal for our church.  It is more than raising some money.  This is the first time in the life of the church where we are being called to come together in unity to accomplish something great.  This will be a huge spiritual journey for our church.  To get this accomplished we all need to commit to our church  in a way we have not done before.  I believe we are ready to do it!

Here are some FAQs about the “Make Room for More” campaign…

1. Why should we do this campaign?   Simply put, we need to do this campaign for our church to continue to grow and to reach out.

2. Why can’t we just gather money for a down payment and not worry about improving the Y?  If we decide not to improve the Y facilities then our church will not keep growing.  Our attendance has plateaued when comparing our numbers from last year.  God has never called us to put reaching out on hold while we wait to raise money for a building.  In fact, God has called us not to build a building, but to make disciples.

3. Is this part of my tithe?  No.  The donation you make to the campaign should be above your tithe. 

4. What’s June 13th all about?  June 13th is the kickoff to the campaign.  We are going to take up a special offering to start off the fund.  The Elders have already given $14,000 to the campaign.  We are asking you to consider how God can use your generosity above your tithe to go towards the $200,000 goal over the next year and a half.

5. It seems like every church wants to build and reach out, what make this church different?  Our church is reaching out to people that other churches normally don’t reach.  If we are going to be successful in keeping this trait of our church alive, then we must take this step forward.


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