Dangerous Faith

Today the Elders announced the plans we are pursuing to take the next step of growth for our church.  We are going to expand our resources for children’s ministry and seek to raise funds for a down payment on property.  We will need about $200,000 to reach our goals.

I think this is a BIG deal for our church family!

I think this is dangerous too.  Why?  I want our church to stay focused on making disciples and while I believe this next step will help us do that, I am always fearful that people might think “Our church is all about money.”

I want to to tell you why this campaign is important.  Today I had a man come up to me in response to my message.  He noted that in my message that I shared my story on how I became a Christian as 12 years of age.  He said his story with Jesus was just starting and that all of this was new to him.  He was enthused and wanted to learn more about this great faith.

Recently, we’ve had two ladies come to our church with no church background at all.  All of this “church stuff” was absolutely new to them.  They have been experiencing and discovering the love of Jesus through our ministry.

For me, that’s what our church is about!  This is what our campaign is all about.  Like Jesus, we are here to seek and save the lost!  This is what gets me pumped!

This requires dangerous faith.  It requires a faith to take risks and to move forward so that we can continually reach out and make disciples.


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