A Hymn To God the Father

This hymn celebrates the adoration Christians have felt across the centuries for the forgiveness of sins bought by Christ when he died on the cross.

By: Ben Johnson

Here me, O God!

    A broken heart

    Is my best part:

Use still Thy rod,

    That I may prove,

    Therein, Thy love.

If thou hadst not

    Been stern to me,

    But left me free,

I had forgot

     Myself and Thee.

For sin’s so sweet,

    As minds ill bent

    Rarely repent

Until they meet

    Their punishment.

Who more can crave

     Than Thou hast done:

     That gav’st a Son

To free a slave?

   First made of nought,

   Withal since bought.

Sin, Death, and Hell

     His glorious Name

     Quite overcame,

Yet I rebel

     And slight the same.

But I’ll come in

     Before my loss

     me farther toss,

As sure to win

     Under His Cross.


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