A Different Frame of Mind

The Bible says our Father in heaven wants us to be like His son, Jesus.  The hard part is our desire to become like Jesus.  Do I really want to?

Over and over God commands us to share, to be generous, to think of others first.  I have to confess, I never really took that seriously until now.  I have learned somethig significant about myself as I have prayed and studied this current sermon series.  In the series we have learned form 1 Timothy 6:17-18 that we are to rich in good deeds and to be willing to share.  He tells us to put others first.

I have learned that when I get extra time or money that I don’t put others first.  Instead I think on how I can give to myself.  I think about a new computer, a new suit, or new furniture.  I think of being generous in other ways, but what if I got extra vacation time?  I am su[pposed to use that to do good toward others?  What, I got a raise, I should spend a perentage of that on being generous with others?  That is not the first thought that comes to mind.

Truly being generous is a different state of mind. One, I fear, that I struggle with.

Do I really want to be in that state of mind?  I like the new stuff I buy.  I enjoy it.  It makes me fel good that I was able to get it.  I like watching all the games on ESPN.  Do I really want to be like Jesus, who gave up the luxury on earth, so he could have treasure in heaven?

I do not believe God is against wealth.  I don’t think he wants everyone making the same income.  God has blessed me with this stuff and with wealth.  He blessed with the ability to get it.  What I believe is the difference for God is not our riches, but how I use what God has given me.  God has told me to be generous with his stuff.  I admit, I like to think it is my stuff.

I believe being like Jesus means that I become a generous person.  I pray I develop the desire to become more and more like him every day.


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